About Janjira

Janjira is an innovative, skin and body care brand and product line born in Thailand. “Janjira means "A Beautiful Moon Forever" or "A Radiant Beautiful Moon in the sky", and behind the brand stands Janjira Janchome - Miss Thailand Universe 2002. Her background includes studying with the faculty of Argo-Industry at Kasetsart University and a personal interest in the art of beauty. Her experience and passion led naturally to the idea of harmonizing ancient wisdom, inspired by Thai culture and tradition, and innovation technology.

Our products are inspired by the bathing and spa rituals of ancient Thai royalty and Ayurvedic healing. Focusing on inner beauty as well as outer beauty by fulfilling both physical and spiritual needs. Janjira has been created to bring the spa experience into the comfort of your own home.

Janjira's philosophy is to combine expert skincare technology with natural ingredients that are proven to have skincare benefits. By scientifically analyzing, researching and developing Thailand's vast biodiversity, we have been able to maximize the potential of many of the natural ingredients used in our products.

Janjira prides itself on being environmentally friendly which has led to the development of products, free from parabens, sulphates and artificial colors. Furthermore, the products are not tested on animals nor contain animal derivatives.

Janjira has been supporter of elephants in the Sukhothai and Kanjaburi provinces in Thailand for many years. Janjira supports The Elephant Clinic, Mobile Clinic for Elephants and other Animals plus Saving Retired Elephants Sanctury.

Janjira is retailed and distributed as wholesale in the United States by JanjiraBeauty.com, an American company located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


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